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Who are you

Who are you? This is a question that needs to become part of your everyday decision making process. The answer is a core perspective and may or may not be clear to you. In fact the mass amounts of social influences, corporate expectations and personal pressures often distorts this perspective. The weight of this question can seem overwhelming, and prevents us from achieving our goals. Simple tasks like obtaining that first career job, making a career transition and investing in yourself begin by defining who you are.

I start here. I work to understand your background, history, influences and what weighs on your character. These are internal and external perceptions and I will help you shape them into your core perspective. The biggest challenge for most of us is being ready to have these discussions. My goal is to guide you through the process and have you learn the skills needed to reconnect your core perspective anytime a shift needs to take place.

I use proven tools and my years of experience to identify important areas of your life and layout daily tasks into your everyday schedule. The exciting part of this process is identifying perspectives that you may not have realized are within your control for change. This is a fun and exciting process. It is that baseline that starts to create a picture of who you are and with that perspective you can map out who you want to be.

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