About Us

BOT Enterprise was designed from 20 years of operational leadership.  From small startups to large global corporations I've worked to recruit, hire, train and lead professionals. 


Each program and solution consists of a blended approach of communication, document preparation, and face to face meetings.  Starting with a proven DiSC assessment we will build a foundation for success.

BOT Enterprise will help you reduce everyday distractions, teach you valuable techniques to clear obstacles and you achieve your goals.


CEO Career and Team Development

My expertise includes Leadership, Mentoring, Coaching, Speaking, Instructional Design, Customer Service, Production, Project Management, Team Building, Content Development, and Classroom Instruction.  

I have personally managed teams, company operations and numerous business cases. In addition to designing and delivering executive presentations, I work with leadership teams to manage employee and customer relations.


There is truth in finding enjoyment in what you do and investing in yourself.  

I look forward to being your agent of success and empowering your perspective.

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