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BOT Enterprise was designed from 20 years of operational leadership.  From small startups to large global corporations I've worked to recruit, hire, train and lead professionals. 


Each program and solution consists of a blended approach of communication, document preparation, and face to face meetings.  Taking passion and organizing it into Vision, Alignment and Execution to meet the business and customer goals.

I will help you reduce everyday distractions, teach valuable techniques to clear obstacles and reduce the temptation of chaos management.



My expertise includes Leadership, Mentoring, Coaching, Project and Program Management, Regulatory Operating Environments  Instructional Design, Customer Service, Production, Team Building, Content Development, and Classroom Instruction.  

Working across all business areas and team demographics, I thrive in building communication paths and relationships.  From global businesses, to government agencies to employees and labor groups, I reach common understanding to achieve alignment. I have personally managed teams, company operations and numerous business cases. 


Connecting vision to execution is my passion. The alignment of executive business goals to team purpose is the most rewarding outcome anyone could ask for.

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